Why is December called the holiday season? Just take a look at April. It barely even counts as a month because it has so many holidays. This is a time of long weekends and mid-week public holidays that inspire us to make even more long weekends. It's a miracle anybody gets any work done. 
But hey, we can't beat ‘em, so we have no choice but to join ‘em. The problem is all these holidays can be a real strain on your eyes. 
Firstly, if you're going on a road trip, you have to strain your eyes to read the tiny little GPS map on your phone. Map books were books with pages you could actually read. Now anyone of a certain age might struggle to read what's on a screen. 
So there's quite a bit of eye strain there. Sure, the GPS voice tells you where to go, but you have to deal with the attitude when you take a wrong turn. Yes, the voice tells you how to re-route, but there's definitely some passive aggressive irritation in her tone. 
Then you try to take some holiday photos, but you can't see anything because of the glare on the screen of your phone. The sunlight bounces right into your eyes, and for all you know you're taking a picture of someone else's family. What happened to the good old days of Polaroids? (Yes, I know Polaroid is back in fashion, but that's a strange millennial obsession with going "old school".) 
Lack of sleep is not good for eyes. And it's all too common during these times of catching up with family and having a drink with friends. Not to mention all the TV watching over the holidays. If our eyes used to go square from watching too much TV, what shape do they go now when we watch a TV, a cellphone and a tablet... all at the same time? 
And so it goes on. Braai smoke gets in your eyes. The sun takes its toll. Your contact lenses dry out from a lack of humidity at your destination of choice. But holiday time is holiday time, and we forget these irritations as soon as we sadly go back to work - even if it's only for (yet another) "short week". 
Seriously, take care of your eyes and take care of yourself during this time of road trips and chocolate eggs. And hey, just when a new month begins and you're ready to go back to work, it starts all over again. 
Because you know what May is like. First Workers Day, then Election Day etc etc etc...