newsletter January 2017A new year begins. There’s always a sense of opportunity and good things to come, even for a grumpy old pair of glasses like me. So instead of looking for things to complain about, I’m going to focus on the good things this year will bring.

So here’s a couple of events to “look” forward to in 2017. (See what I did there?)

First up, there’s a total eclipse happening on August 21. Now we’ve talked about these before, so I’ve already been through the do’s and don’ts. (Don’t worry – I’ll go through them again in August, because you know I can’t resist a good old lecture.) For the United States, it’s the first total eclipse of the 21st Century, and it’ll last for 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds.

Yup, strange and interesting times continue for the US. But let’s not get into that – I’m not one to discuss politics.

Another big event will happen in October, when the official JFK assassination records go public for the first time. What’s that got to do with eyes? Nothing. I’m just saying. But hey, we’ve talked a lot about good reading habits. And it seems there will be lots of interesting reading to do.

On a different note, no big sporting events this year. No Olympics, no FIFA World Cup, no Rugby World Cup. But this is South Africa. There’s no doubt we’ll find loads of other sports to watch on TV.

What else will happen this year? I’m not one to predict. But there was this one guy who loved making predictions…

That Nostradamus was an interesting guy, and he had a whole lot to say about 2017. He predicted that wars will break out over global warming, which doesn’t sound too great. But on the plus side, commercial space travel will become a thing, and people will start using more solar power.

Let’s face it, he’s been wrong before. And it was the 16th Century after all, so we have to give him a break. Oh well, let’s hang in there and see if he was right.

By the way, Nostradamus didn’t predict anything about someone inventing self-application contact lenses… you know, lenses that jump in and out of your eyes by themselves. I know a lot of people fantasise about this, especially on frustrating mornings when you are running late, and those lenses just won’t go in. But sorry, everybody… doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. (Not according to Nostradamus anyway…)

Anyway, Happy New Year. May you only see good things in 2017, and I’ll do my best to do the same.