The Youth. Those Millennials. What Is The World Coming To? Sound familiar? It should... I mean, you guys just don't stop complaining about us. It's always young people this and young people that. For reals, it never ends.

Well, you know what? It's Youth Month and I've got some stuff to say. Yip, this is a real Millennial talking.

Let's start with the complaint that we can't focus on one task. That's what we call multitasking. (Hello, like obviously...) As we speak I'm polishing my lenses and checking my messages while I'm writing this article. Then people say we don't do anything thoroughly. Well how thoroughly do you want me to check my Facebook status? Thoroughly, really? Whatevs.

Then there are those peeps who say we only care about ourselves. Seriously? Look at all the protests around the world. You know, the ones in favour of human rights and the ones against a certain orange president. Who was doing most of the protesting?

As a young funky pair of sunglasses, I've been worn to many places where young voices demanded to be heard. So you see? We do care about the world around us. One time I got left behind which was totes awks (meaning totally awkward, in case you don't speak our lingo).

Ah yes, our lingo...

So. People say we're obsessed with FOMO, which by the way means Fear of Missing Out. Sure, we want to do stuff and experience life. But sometimes there's JOMO (which is Joy of Missing Out, like when you see people out doing stuff but you're happy to be at home on the couch). FOMO is almost the same as YOLO, which is You Only Live Once.

We want to make the most of life. But nobody wants to do it alone like some rando (random person... are you getting the hang of this?)

So FOMO and YOLO are almost the same, but sometimes there's JOMO and that's okay too. But you don't want people to think you're a rando. Got it? See, it all makes sense.

We get a hard time from people who think we act like the world belongs to us. Well one day it will, so maybe we all need to start getting used to the idea. And so what if it's a world full of selfies and status updates? It'll also be a world of people speaking out for their rights and planting trees... because yes, we do that a lot.

Anyway, one day we'll have our own kids and we'll complain about them as much as people complain about us. Circle of life and all of that.

And that whole deal about how we have no attention span? Well I just wrote 475 words, didn't I?