newsletter January 2017As we all know, March is Human Rights Month. So, which human are you?

Are you the human who sits on a pair of glasses at least once a month? No? Then maybe you’re the human who’s left a pair of glasses at every restaurant in the city. Or could you be the human who sits on your glasses in a restaurant, and then leaves them behind in that very same restaurant?

Speaking of restaurants, are you the human who’s too shy to wear a pair of reading glasses? Yup, you’re prepared to look silly by squinting at a menu or holding it ten feet away, but you won’t risk looking “silly” by wearing a pair of readers. (And admit it… you’ve ordered the wrong meal more than once because you couldn’t read the menu.)

Or are you the human who wears sunglasses inside and outside, day and night? You think it fits with your “image” and gives you some “swag”. You imagine people think you’re pretty cool. Only you don’t know which people you’re talking to, because you can’t see them.

Maybe you’re the human who loses your glasses and simply wears your prescription sunglasses all the time. You know who I’m talking about… the human who walks through the supermarket squinting through a pair of dark shades. I once met a human who lost one pair of glasses too many, so she learned to watch TV through her prescription shades.

On the subject of viewing habits, are you the human who goes to a 3-D movie and wears the 3-D glasses over your own glasses? Wait, I can’t judge that one because I don’t know how you’re supposed to do it. Glasses off? Glasses on? Why didn’t they think of that when they invented those movies?!

Could you be the human who gets bored easily, and buys a new pair of frames every month? You go from pink to green to tortoise-shell within the space of a single season. And all the discarded pairs of glasses? They lie around in your top drawer, of course. Or are you the human who buys three pairs, and wears them on different days?

Maybe you’re not a glasses human. Maybe you’re a contact lens human who wears them for too long, sleeps in them, sort of (but not really) cleans them… Contact lens humans are a whole other story.

Have you ever been a human who’s lost one contact lens and continued to wear the other one? Did you essentially continue to work, read and drive with one eye?

Yup, there are lots of different humans out there. And that’s a good thing. Otherwise I’d have nothing to write about.

So thanks, everybody. And Happy Human Rights Month to you all.