I'm no fashionista. But every November I check out the fashion blogs and magazines to see what trends we can expect in 2018. And this year I thought they were getting mixed up - were they talking next year or were they talking fifty years ago?!

Lemme explain what I mean...

My friend Charlene is a pair of marble frames, and she hasn't seen the light of day in a while. But then she heard from her friend Lois that they're destined to make a big comeback in 2018. Lois saw something on the Fashion Channel, and now she's convinced all the major labels will try to do what she and Charlene were doing in the Seventies.

My friend Jimmy is a pair of aviators. And according to him, his kind never goes out of style. (Trust a pair of aviators to say that. I mean, they're nice guys and all but super-confident if you know what I mean...) So anyways, Jimmy has been talking for years about how he doesn't need to make a comeback - because he's never really gone away.

I was a bit suspicious when it came to Jimmy. Then I saw how many Hollywood celebs are wearing aviators, and now I think he might be onto something. After all, it only takes one movie star to set off an entire fashion trend.

Speaking of which, I saw a magazine that said 2018 will also be the year of oversized sunglasses. You know... the Sophia Loren kind. They're already making an appearance on the catwalks, so it looks like they're on their way back.

Same goes for ombre lenses, which is very good news for my friend Rochelle. She's a pair of ombres, and she tells the story of how she was laughed off the catwalk because "her time was up". She was declared Out Of Style by... well, I don't know... whoever declares what's stylish and what's not.

I think Rochelle has been living in Mauritius or something. Just wait until she hears she's back in fashion.

And I couldn't believe it when I heard that good old wire rims are back in vogue for next year. Back in the day, I guess frames were made from wire because it was the only way people knew how to make frames.

Imagine those pioneers were alive today. What would they think if they saw that their old-school frames are now classified as a hot fashion trend?

As they say, fashion is one big carousel where old becomes new... and so it goes, around and around and around. To be honest it makes my head spin, but I just try to relax and enjoy the ride.