Famous people with visual impairments

Helen Keller – was blind and deaf from the age of 19 months

Stevie Wonder – blind from infancy, started recording music at the age of 12

Claude Monet – French Impressionist painter still painted as his vision deteriorated, was thought to have painted his famous ‘Water Lilies’ when he was almost blind

Judge Jacoob – South African Constitutional Court judge

Erik Weihenmayer – first blind person to summit Mount Everest

Andrea Bocelli – opera singer, blind from the age of 12

Louis Braille – went blind at age 3, invented Braille alphabet

Ray Charles – musician

Zohar Sharon – pro golfer

Rafael Arias – Spanish painter

Apl.de.ap – Black Eyed Peas rapper

Joaquin Rodrigo – composer and guitarist

Tofiri Kibuuka – successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

Joseph Pulitzer – originator of the Pulitzer Prize

Sue Townsend – writer of Adrian Mole series, went blind gradually

Steven Kekana – South African musician, and lecturer in Labour Law

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