Eyemark September 12October. That festive feeling is so close but so far. Christmas ads are playing on TV, but we’ve got almost three months of work before any festivities can even start. Before we know it, it’s New Year and that means resolution time. So right now, people are starting to panic.

Because October is the time when people quickly check their New Year’s resolutions from last year. You know, to see which ones they’ve actually done. And guess what? Not many. In some cases it’s zero, zip, absolutely nothing… and that’s where the cramming starts. Suddenly they have a whole year’s worth of resolutions to get through in just a few months.

They have to learn a new language. Or sign up for power yoga. Or be nice to certain relatives. You know how it is. The year has almost come and gone, and nothing has been crossed off the list yet.

October012And why do I care about this? Well, you know me… I’m always looking out for people. (See what I did there? I’m a pair of glasses looking out for people. Get it? Forget it.) A lot of resolutions have people saying they’re gonna take better care of themselves. People saying they must get their eyes tested… must get new frames… must go back to the optometrist for a follow-up.

Like most other resolutions it’s a case of must, must, must… And most times, it just doesn’t happen. Well, here are two more reasons why October is the perfect time for all those eye care “musts”.

Eye Care Awareness Month is happening until 18 October. Plus 13 October is World Sight Day. See where I’m going with this? It’s the perfect opportunity to take some time and do all those eye care things you’ve been threatening to do. Get in there and do it now. And then it’s done.

Okay, now I’m sounding like your primary school teacher, so I’ll stop telling you what to do. But you know what I’m saying? If ever you needed a reason for some eye TLC, now you have three. One: Eye Care Awareness Month. Two: World Sight Day.

And three: Well, who wants to feel guilty on December 31 when you think back on all those unfulfilled resolutions? Do it now, and you’ll be free to celebrate as you see in a new year. (See what I did there? See in. Never mind…)