So close but so far. Whoever invented that expression must have been talking about October. Or - as my friends and I like to call it - Achtober. Because ach, who's got the energy to pull through two more months until the end of the year?

Now my friends and I are just a bunch of glasses (with a few sunglasses among the group). But we figure we understand how you feel. And so...

If you're feeling bleary and grimy like a dirty lens, take some time out for yourself. You know, some Me Time (or in your case You Time... you know what I mean.) If you can't take a weekend away, go out for a night or spend an hour at the spa. My friend Sandra is a pair of old cats-eye glasses whose lenses hadn't been wiped in months. Just one rejuvenating treatment with a soft cloth and she felt brand new.

If you feel like your arms and legs are falling off, take some time for exercise in between all the typing, driving and other draining activities. My friend Doug is a pair of wayfarers whose hinges almost came apart. He couldn't even fit properly onto his owner's face. Rest that weary body of yours. And - like Doug did - get your hinges adjusted as and when necessary. Maybe a yoga session is all you need.

If you're generally feeling bent out of shape, you might require the likes of physio or even acupuncture (if that's your kind of thing). My friend Sharon needed a full body realignment because her frame didn't even look like a frame anymore. Okay, that was because someone sat on her. But you'll understand the feeling if your boss (or anyone else) has ever sat on you.

Her cousin Max went through the same thing from being pulled in a thousand different directions. He needed a good session with an optometrist in order to squeeze his frame back into shape. If that's ever happened to you, you'll be able to relate. Achtober has a way of straining us in all directions. People have had the whole year to ask you for things... but suddenly they want it, and they all want it now.

So there you have it. We know how you feel. When you feel like you don't have a moment to catch your breath, that's when you actually need it the most. Give yourself a wipe, take care of those hinges, and get that body back into shape.

Oh by the way, if your actual glasses are scratched and bleary with their hinges falling apart, do yourself a favour and go buy a new pair. There's nothing like a new pair of glasses to give you a boost towards the finish line.