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Main Service - Social Networking

We set up and manage your Facebook page by posting of relevant information twice a week, and additional postings if you are running a promotion.

Postings include in-depth articles from your newsletter as well as interesting snippets about eye care, published on various sites on the internet.

Connecting your Facebook and Instagram business accounts gives you access to a wider choice of tools that you may use in all aspects of your practice’s digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Your Facebook Business Manager will enable you to link your Instagram business acount, allowing you to run advertisements, promote certain posts and monitor your page insights, which will indicate your growth as a percentage.

Creative Content

With creative graphics, videos and stories, you may showcase your daily practice life as well as promotions, in-store products and services given. Instagram business is a terrific opportunity to show off your brand.

Wider Audience Reach

You may reach a whole new audience on Instagram by connecting your social media accounts. This allows you to reach out to possible new patients, while also keeping in touch with your present ones.

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